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Certification successes

Listed on this page are some of the products that we have taken through evaluation for Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2

* Common Criteria

McAfee Endpoint Encryption with ePO at EAL2

McAfee Endpoint Encryption with Endpoint Encryption Manager at EAL4

* FIPS 140-2 

McAfee Core Cryptographic Module (kernel)

Aviat Networks Eclipse Cryptographic Module

McAfee Endpoint Encryption Client Cryptographic Module

McAfee Endpoint Encryption Manager at level 2

G4S Symmetry Cryptographic Module at level 1

Hewlett-Packard LTO-5 Tape Drive

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders

Thales e-Security Secure Generic Sub-System at level 4

Unbound Tech EKM Cryptographic Module at level 2

Software Diversified Services SDS Cryptographic Module

Advantech B+B SmartWorx Cryptographic Module

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Check Point Cryptographic Library

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